Volume 02, Issue 08, 2021

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Title: Effects of Covid-19 on Project Performance at Liquid Telecommunication in Zambia

Year: 2021 Abstract Full Paper [Download] Page:4-16

Abstract: In December 2019, China made public that they had recorded several suspicious cases of an unknown “sickness” that was similar to pneumonia in Wuhan which is the capital city of China’s Hubei province. This was investigated further and discovered to be a member of a coronavirus family which has since been named the Covid-19. The virus has spread to all parts of the world and has seen economies being forced to shut down in a quest to contain the spread. The COVID-19 virus was turning out to be a more serious problem than initially thought by the experts. With a record high of 188 million positive cases worldwide, the COVID-19 virus had disrupted the economic activities of various nations as they have been forced to go into lockdowns and restrict non-essential travel within and beyond the borders of their countries. This paper attempted to investigate how pandemics had affected projects in the past. A mixed-method approach with a concurrent design because of the nature of the formulated research questions was used. With the aid of regression analysis,the results revealed that there was a positive relationship between the independent variable Coronavirus 2019 pandemic and the dependent variable project performance. These findings were concurrent with the regional and global results and therefore the researcher was convinced of the reliability of the results. The study recommends the integration of pandemic preparedness in the project plans byextending their existing supply network. Further, recommends the adoption of the developed strategic framework.

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Title: Re-Engineering Entrepreneurship Education towards Curbing Unemployment among Youths in Nigeria

Year: 2021 Abstract [Download] Full Paper [Download] Page:17-27

Abstract: Entrepreneurship education is a form of education that seeks to inculcate the spirit, culture and skills of entrepreneurship in the students so that they can embark on entrepreneurial activities after graduating from school. The need for this type of education was necessitated by the growing rate of unemployment in Nigeria. The problem of unemployment that the program was designed to solve is still present and is even more worse than ever before. It is in view of this that this paper is calling for the re-engineering of entrepreneurship education through the addition of new courses and engagement of entrepreneurs (certain business owners and other professionals) who will be teaching such courses.  The position of this paper is that such people who have a wealth of experience in business ventures will be able to inspire and encourage students to take to entrepreneurship after graduating from school. At the end of the paper, recommendations were made on how entrepreneurship education can be successfully taught towards getting the students inspired to take up entrepreneurial activities after graduation.

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Title: Ways to help students to be better readers

Year: 2021 Abstract [Download] Full Paper [Download] Page: 28-39

Abstract: According to Maxwell (2001) reconnaissance consists of three parts namely situational analysis, analysis of competence of the people involved, and literature.  Further, Grundy, (1995) “reconnaissance often consists in going backward and forwards for a while between reflections and collecting evidence”. In this action research, We will carefully examine student’s learning on reading through reflection and action throughout the process. Related literature will be read, it will be put into action to see the practical result of the student’s performance. This will be followed by a strategic plan for student’s improvement in reading.

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Title: Barriers to Implementing Principals’ Instructional Leadership Role in Eastern Bhutan

Year: 2021 Abstract [Download] Full Paper [Download] Page:40-76

Abstract: The focus of this study was to examine the instructional leadership barriers and implementation practices of the school principals in Eastern Bhutan. The involvement of principals in three instructional leadership dimensions of defining the school mission, managing instructional programs and promoting a positive school learning climate were used as indicators to measure the principals’ instructional leadership practices. The context in which the instructional leadership was practiced such as personal and instructional factors were treated as the discriminating factors of instructional leadership.  A total of 147 principals participated in the study selected by using probability proportional to the size and stratified random sampling. Questionnaires and unstructured interviews were used for data collection. The data collected were analyzed using mean, standard deviation, t-test, one-way ANOVA and content analysis. The findings revealed the high level of instructional leadership practices by the principals. Of the factors treated, only gender revealed the parity in principals’ instructional leadership practices whereas age, year of experience, school level, school size and school location significantly varied principals’ instructional leadership practices. Multiple roles, time constraints, work overload, limited instructional resources, lack of time, teacher shortages, limited support for professional development, mismatch of expectations and priorities were identified as the barriers to instructional leadership practices. Based on the findings, certain structures and strategies need to be in place to help principals execute the expected instructional leadership functions.

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Year: 2021 Abstract [Download] Full Paper [Download] Page:77-86

Abstract: The research, New RSA scheme for improved security is imperative due to the growing number of challenges and threats to data security in a network brought about by the growing number of techniques used by intruders to penetrate and overwhelm the security of data in terms of breaking data confidentially, integrity and authenticity. The study aims at modifying the existing RSA technique which is prone to so many forms of attacks, in order to develop a more expansive and secure scheme by obtaining more robust and efficient secret keys which are a function of the newly derived functionality f generated in place of n, thus making it almost impossible to correctly guess the private key and even factorize n or ø(n). This is achievable since instead of using n to tie the keys  (e,n) and(d,n)  a number t is obtained between n-p and n  and defined on the interval n-p<t<n and used for the encryption and decryption process and overcoming factorization attacks to a very large extend.

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Year: 2021 Abstract [Download] Full Paper [Download] Page:87-99

Abstract: The term cargo liquefaction has been rapidly becoming a significant issue in the maritime industry. The way of the cargo stockpile has been stored is one of the factors of cargo liquefaction. It isn’t easy to notice and be aware of the indicator of the cargo liquefaction before loading the cargo. So as a step of precautions, some laboratory test methods should be carried out from the very essence of the cargo operation. However, the main factor is human error. So, better improvement in the tests should be improvised to enhance cargo operation efficiency and effectiveness. For safety, the cargo operation needs to be done accurately to minimize the risks and avoid the hazards when the ship carries cargo that may liquefy. Based on the previous accidents, crucial lessons should be highlighted and learned as experienced. Few cases are studied and recommended to avoid accidents as its results in this research. Bulk Jupiter is the latest accident, and the level of data accessibility will be higher than in other cases. Hence, the research outcomes will contribute to boosting the efficiency of cargo handling management and operation.

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Title: E-banking Information Security Risks Analysis Based on Ontology

Year: 2021 Abstract [Download] Full Paper [Download] Page:100-108

Abstract: Electronic banking services have spread widely. Attacks by unauthorized attackers have increased. This leads to the need to secure the data exchanged between the bank and the customer. Efforts have been made to analyze attacks, know their causes and determine ways to mitigate them. But the analysis process needs to extract knowledge from different sources, present it in a simple and easy-to-understand way, and process it quickly and effectively. Here the need to rely on semantic techniques appears. Semantic techniques allow collecting information from different sources, integrating and reusing it effectively using ontology. Risks analysis based on ontology can make understanding the risks much easier and faster, so this facilitates escaping them. Many researchers used ontology in information security. But the previous security ontologies were general and complex, and could be applied in some fields, but could not be applied in others. Because of the importance and danger of financial transactions in this research, we studied some previous security ontologies and compared them with a goal to analyze electronic banking service attacks and propose an ontology that analyzes these attacks depending on concepts related to pre-defined security ontologies and electronic banking services.

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Title: Impact of Water Management strategies- Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) in Bhutan

Year: 2021 Abstract [Download] Full Paper [Download] Page:109-144

Abstract: Since the 1990s, Payment for ecosystem services (PES) has gained a reputation as a policy-making tool in the security of environmental resources. In Bhutan, the PES system is mainly associated with sustainability and Gross National Happiness (GNH). This study emphasizes the peoples’ outlooks on water supply issues (such as construction work, floating population and future plans) in the Mongar municipality and Yakpugang village, where PES has been operational since 2010. The Mongar municipality faces water stress during the lean season, whereas the water supply is adequate for the Yakpugang community. Questionnaire surveys, focus group discussions, and key informants interviews were used. Interestingly, a significant number of Mongar town people mistake improved management of water supply for improved availability of water resources. Some of the study’s findings are i) 80% of the people of Mongar town generally lack a proper understanding of water sources, management efforts, and PES approaches; ii) a third of the Mongar population stressed the need for a proper scientific survey of water sources; iii) Yakpugang people believe that settlements on hills and proper maintenance of infrastructure were their key challenges. Therefore, the setup of PES at yakpugang is a practical strategy for the restoration of natural resources. Construction of wastewater treatment plants, mapping of integrated Themnangbi-Jaibab watersheds, and an in-depth technical study on the PES mechanism are in the pipeline list of the policy.

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Title: Performance Analysis of various Audio Codecs using RSVP on VoIP over Wireless LAN

Year: 2021 Abstract [Download] Full Paper [Download] Page:

Abstract: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the fastest growing technology that has a great potential to develop new telecommunication with lower cost and better Quality of Service (QoS). IEEE 802.11 wireless local area network (WLAN) has become popular and has been providing excellent solution for wireless networking. With the popularity of WLAN and Voice over the Internet (VoIP) protocol, it is very essential to measure the performance of the VoIP over WLAN. In wired as well as in wireless communication, VoIP is expected to completely replace the traditional telephony approaches. To provide a good quality speech through VoIP applications, certain QoS parameters must be analyzed. These QoS parameters help us to evaluate the performance of various networking protocols, voice encoding schemes etc. This paper introduces the performance analysis of VoIP applications over WLAN. The factors of VoIP quality include the voice codec, delay, jitter, and packet loss rate. In this paper, main contribution is to analyze and evaluate the performance of various voice encoding schemes in a VoIP based wireless LAN. The network model designed in this paper is based on Riverbed Modeler simulator. Various scenarios for different voice encoding schemes are setup in the Riverbed simulation environment.

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Title: Stability analysis of Bangladesh power system and impact of renewable energies and FACTS devices

Year: 2021 Abstract [Download] Full Paper [Download] Page:

Abstract: Renewable energy (RE) sources have been very demanding in every country’s power system. The rise of Renewable Energy (RE) will lead significant changes in power sectors all over the world. Though they have very good aspect from environmental sides, they may have some drawbacks also. As renewable source of energy has limitations in reactive power generations and they replace or will replace synchronous generators, overall power system stability needs to be studied. The country like Bangladesh from its inchoate stage has been suffering from shortage of power. To increase the system capacity, there is a plan to have a 52 MW wind turbine generating (WTG) plant based on doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) which will be increased further up to 83 MW along with a 100 MW solar photovoltaic generator (SPVG). As the stability is of great concern, the overall stability in transmission level will be checked in the region of RE penetration. Steady state stability will be obtained by Saddle node bifurcation (SNB) point and dynamic state stability will be determined by Hopf bifurcation (HB) point while transient stability will be checked by time domain analysis against faults. To find out the critical modes of oscillation Eigenvalue analysis technique will be used. To increase the obtained stability level further, a tuned static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) will be placed in a suitable location.

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Title: The Size and Growth of the Firm, Free Cash Flow, Good Corporate Governance and Earning Management

Year: 2021 Abstract [Download] Full Paper [Download] Page:

Abstract: This study aims to examine and analyze the effect of firm size and firm growth on earnings management with free cash flow as an intervening variable and the good corporate governance mechanism as a moderating variable. The companies studied were automotive companies listed on the IDX for the period 2014 – 2018. In this study, the sample was taken using the purposive sampling non-probability sampling technique. Data analysis was performed using the SPSS 25 program. Our research found that:1) Firm size has no effect on earnings management; 2) Firm growth has a positive and significant effect on earnings management; 3)Firm size through free cash flow has no effect on earnings management; 4) Firm growth through free cash flow has a positive and significant effect on earnings management; 5)Good corporate governance mechanisms have succeeded in controlling the effect of free cash flow on earnings management.

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