Volume 02, Issue 05, 2021

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Title: Chemical Color Stripping of Cellulose Fabric dyed with Reactive dyes

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Abstract: Chemical color stripping is an operational technique to overcome different hue faults during the dyeing process. Conventionally, the stripping methods implicate high bathing ratios, temperatures and loads of chemicals due to which the fabric strength decreases significantly and these methods were high in cost due to high energy consumptions. Many methods to sort out these faulty dyeing of fabrics has been adapted, such as destructive stripping and desorption stripping, etc. In this article, three different techniques have been discussed as conventional methods of reductive color stripping and advanced stripping methods as oxidative and photo-catalytic color stripping. The purpose of this article is to review the color stripping methods by comparing the color stripping efficiency of these methods which was evaluated by using different parameters such as time, the effect of pH, loss in weight and strength of the fabric during the stripping process, the pilling resistance. The results obtained from these methods demonstrated that the conventional method of reductive stripping affects the crystallinity of the fabric, harmful towards humans due to the use of harsh chemical usage, time and energy consumption. Furthermore, the oxidative method of stripping found was more efficient as compared to the reductive one due to less consumption of energy, water and chemicals. Besides, all of these are novel techniques i.e., photo-catalytic is found to be the finest among the all cited techniques as it is more energy conserving and eco-friendly than the others. After stripping the white cellulose fabric moves towards recycling, this helped to overcome the need for textile by giving the astonishing look to the fabric. This article basically highlights the significance of stripping processes and their limitations by providing opportunities for the new researchers to develop more effective, less time-consuming and more energy saver dyeing and stripping procedures to tackle these problems.

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Title: Deficiency Of Ethical Morals Among Human Instinct And Behavior:  A Cannibalistic Study Of “The Beach of Falesa” And “The Ebb Tide” By Robert Louis Stevenson

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Abstract: Human beings have the power of dignity due to being embellished with laudable compassion and adore for each other. They feel and share the pain, sorrows and throbbing wounds as well as bring colors to the lives of their fellows. Contrary to this, this world is also full of people that are thirsty for the blood of others. They lack the soft corner in their hearts, deficient in ethical morals and humanity extinct in such types of people. “Cannibalism” is a literary theory that explains the human behavior and attitude of these sluggish natives. This theory explains the most devastating trend of human society towards life and remained a source of light for readers, researchers and knowledge seekers to bestow themselves with the rudimentary aspects of life and understand human behavior. Robert Louis Stevenson was a marvelous writer of all eras, he has beautifully described the flaws of human society and enlightens the most devastating and overwhelming concerns of humankind. Therefore, he is well known even today for being providing life-changing novels, stories and poetry. In the present article we have selected two famous short novels of Robert Louis Stevenson namely; “The Beach of Falesa” and “The Ebb Tide” for enlightening the theory of Cannibalism. This article will bestow the reader with various characters of both novels such as John Wiltshire, Case and Uma from “The Beach of Falesa” along with Herrick, Davis, Huish and Attwater from “The Ebb Tide”. Furthermore, it will also provide a detailed analysis of both novels for describing the human behavior and attitude towards life explained well in the above enlighten articles. 

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Title: Green synthesis of metal nanoparticles: A Review

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Abstract: In this review paper we have collected data regarding the green synthesis of metal nanoparticles i.e silver, copper, zinc and their applicability in various fields. The various parameters which affect the formation of metal nanoparticles are the concentration of metal salts, the temperature of reaction and the duration of completion of the reaction. In this method the phytochemicals present in plant parts (leaf, fruit, stem, flower) are responsible for the reduction of metal ions. Not only this, these plant extracts act as capping agents and stabilizing agents as well. The green method is cost-effective, simple and eco-friendly compared to other methods such as physical methods, chemical methods and biological methods which are very productive in terms of yield and less time-consuming. But their ultimate drawback is their waste material which is non-biodegradable and dangerous pollutants. Besides the waste material, the material and instruments used are of expensive nature.

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Title: Formulation of Solutions of a special standard bi-quadratic congruence- modulo a powered odd prime

Year: 2021  Abstract       [Download]         Full Paper       [Download]  Page:69-74 

Abstract: In this current paper, the author has formulated a very special type of standard bi-quadratic congruence of composite modulus modulo a powered odd positive prime integer for the solutions. This type of congruence has a large number of solutions. Due to the discovery of this formulation, all the solutions can be obtained very easily in a short time; sometimes it can also be calculated orally. This is the merit of the paper. No formulation other formulation is found in the literature of mathematics. First time a standard bi-quadratic congruence of composite modulus is formulated.

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Title: Structural study of cadmium doped magnesium ferrite nanoparticles

Year: 2021  Abstract       [Download]         Full Paper       [Download]  Page:69-74 

Abstract: The physical properties of magnesium cadmium ferrite Mg1−xCdx Fe204 (x=0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8,) was fabricated by co-precipitation technique by utilizing the chlorides. The specimens were sintered in this procedure at 800 °c for the time of 5 h. Magnesium cadmium ferrite was produced from magnesium chloride, cadmium chloride and ferric chloride. The solution of NaOH was utilized as a digesting agent. The advancement of a cubic spinel development since a long time ago settled by X-ray diffraction. The various properties like lattice constant, crystalline size and X-ray density were studied. Cadmium and ferric chlorides were solved in deionized water and fortified at a moderate speed by a magnetic stirrer. Chloride salts were solved in a separate beaker and NaOH arrangements were arranged independently. The nano-structural properties of magnesium and cadmium ferrite were analyzed. There was no replication in samples, so no major statistical method was utilized as a part of this research. Only simple diagrams used to demonstrate the characterization of structural properties of ferrites.

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Title: Communication and Feedbacking in the new normal Education amidst Covid Pandemic: Basis for Technical Assistance of Kabacan National High School, Kabacan, Cotabato

Year: 2021  Abstract       [Download]         Full Paper       [Download]  Page:69-74 

Abstract: Communication in the academe is very important for the success of every learners. It is use to convey message effectively. Feedbacking is a process of critiquing to give direction for improvement. It is very important towards the learning process of the students. Covid-19 outbreak has affected the educational system leading on total closure of schools. There was a sudden change in communication and feedbacking in education system after the opening of classes. Thus, teachers and school heads need to innovate strategies that would be effective during the new normal education. With this, the researcher was encouraged to conduct a study to determine what teachers are doing in terms of communication and feedbacking in the new normal education. This study was conduct in all public school of Cotabato Division, specially among the school heads. This study employed mixed – method research design specifically exploratory research design. Research instrument used was the school monitoring tool of Cotabato Division through google forms. Qualitative data gathered were analyzed using thematic analysis. Coding scheme was also employed to categorized ideas based on its themes. Based on the results, the schools in Cotabato Division greatly take part on extending quality education through constant communication with parents and learners. The researcher has also found out that some schools need technical assistance on the utilization of technology for communication and feedbacking.

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Title: Impact of female Teachers’ Participation in Professional Learning Activities on Their Teaching Behavior on Secondary Level in District Mardan(Pakistan)

Year: 2021  Abstract       [Download]         Full Paper     [Download]    Page:42-45 

Abstract: Learning is considered essential for teachers’ professional development. As professional development can be defined as ‘‘The process by which teachers acquire the new knowledge, skills, and values which will improve the service they provide to clients’’ (Kwakman,2002). Teachers’ learning is strongly connected to professional goals which demand teachers to strive for continuous improvement of their teaching practices. From this principle, teacher learning is rather referred to as professional learning (Feiman-Nemser, 2001). Teaching behavior goes well beyond establishing classroom limits, illustrating ramifications, and presenting the traditional techniques for involving students and building relationships (Siberichde Vries, 2015). This study investigates teachers’ participation in professional learning activities, teachers’ teaching behaviors in an actual classroom situation and explores whether it is connected to their teaching behaviors in a school setting for secondary education in Pakistan. The results indicate that secondary school teachers vary in their participation in professional learning activities, teachers teaching behaviors are most effective and there was no or somewhat weak relationship between teachers’ participation in Professional learning activities and their observable level of teaching behavior. These findings have numerous consequences for teachers’ professional learning activities that aim to enhance the likelihood that their teachers will become career-long learning professionals.

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