Volume 01, Issue 02, 2020


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Title: Exploring NUL Students Syntactic Complexity through the use of Adverbial clause of Purpose.

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Abstract The present paper explores the usage of the adverbial clause of purpose as a syntactic complexity measure among the National University of Lesotho (NUL) students. The research subjects were NUL fourth-year students across the seven faculties namely the Faculty of Agriculture (FOA), the Faculty of Education (FOE), the Faculty of Health Sciences (FOHS), the Faculty of Humanities (FOH), the Faculty of Law (FOL), the Faculty of
Social Sciences (FOSS) and the Faculty of Science and Technology (FOST). Data was collected from their past examination papers (2016/2017). This study employed the interpretive paradigm and has analyzed the data qualitatively. The study has also employed descriptive and case study designs. The students’ continuous writing was the focus of this study since Transformational Generative Grammar (TGG) and Cognitive Grammar (CG) are the theoretical frameworks which is the basis of the present study and therefore require continuous writing. The findings of the present study reveal that NUL students have a reasonably high level of syntactic complexity in their writing as shown by how they used the adverbial clause of purpose. The study concludes that NUL students have a reasonably high level of syntactic complexity demonstrated by how they used the adverbial clause of purpose.

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Title: Impact of the Semantic Web mining by using different techniques-A Survey 

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Abstract The semantic web is an initiative that aims at improving the current state of the World Wide Web. The key idea is to use the machine process enabled web information. This paper explains the way of getting required information from large amount of data, which process useful and helpful information to minimize the problem of the overload of the information. The paper discusses the layer approach of semantic web mining and several domains of semantic web vision. In this paper a technique is suggested for the better way of searching the information, investigating and classifying of the data.

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Title: Healthcare-Internet of Things (H-IoT) can assist and address emerging challenges in healthcare.

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Abstract The emergence of technology correlation Internet of Things (IoT) could not be quantified on a growth perspective. The emerging technologies across the globe, in various sectors have made the life of every individual much easier as compared to the previous days. At present the application of technologies are not limited to one particular sector, rather it is widely spread among various sectors. This is equally applicable to the healthcare sector. In this article I tried to emphasize the current challenges in healthcare sector and how the challenges can be addressed using different technologies. I conducted my review on different articles related to transformation of healthcare which has taken place since last few years and has brought a massive change in the medical sector. The best example for the same is the change from handwritten prescriptions to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). HealthcareInternet of Things (H-IoT) has made a great contribution in bringing this transformation. HIoT does not only have its application in one specific area of the medical sector, rather it has shown its application to several areas of healthcare like – early diagnosis detection, continuous monitoring, orthopedic surgery, drug management, etc. The architecture of IoT is a three layer setup that should pass through four different stages. Even though researchers are continuously working on the transformation of healthcare using the IoT concept, still there are certain limitations in terms of data privacy when H-IoT comes into question.

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Title: Grossing Business’s Move during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Abstract Corona virus has created continuous devastation across the globe. It forces companies and the society to grow and move on to another phase of time, think more responsibly, and make more mature decisions. This crisis twisted the life of the people in too many facets such as decreasing the budget for daily needs and safety protocols that played a huge responsibility in declining the percentage of working individuals. Due to different business techniques during pandemic and investment cost of $500 Million, one can say that in future Amazon will grow more socially and economically.

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