Volume 03, Issue 12, 2022

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Title: Parametric Analysis of 20KW Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

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Abstract: Wind energy is harvested by using the kinetic energy of air in motion to generate mechanical power. Energy has become a more powerful, sustainable, renewable source of power. Pakistan is uniquely positioned in terms of its energy potential. More than 6% of Pakistan’s electricity is generated by wind power. The focus of the research is on meeting Pakistan’s energy needs in a small range. The approach produces about 20 kW of power, which can provide electricity to about 30 homes per year. Karachi, Sindh in Pakistan, is the area chosen for this study. The design parameters like tip speed ratio (TSR), wind speed, and efficiency factor are verified by the Warlock wind turbine calculator. The efficiency of a wind turbine depends on factors such as wind speed, blade design, wind power, TSR, pitch angle, number of blades, blade tip angle, and tower height. This research evaluates all these factors. In this research, the maximum power coefficient was achieved at 11 m/s. ANSYS Fluent software is also used to simulate the design.

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Title: The Origin of the Universe including Supermassive Black Holes, Galaxies and Supermassive Black Holes at the Centers of Galaxies

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Abstract: This research paper says that the Universe is eternal. It says that Supermassive Black Holes were/are being come into existence by the energy of organized many small black holes. It says that Galaxies were/are being come into existence through the energy of Supermassive Black Holes and the causes of the existence of Supermassive Black Holes at the centers of some galaxies are that those galaxies were formed by the energy of those Supermassive Black Holes but when those galaxies were formed at that time the Supermassive Black Holes didn’t use their all energy to form those galaxies, now also they have the energy to enlarge those galaxies, so they are at present also at the centers of those galaxies. This research paper says that we can increase the working power of the existing Space Telescopes and it gives an explanation in this research paper about the methodology for increasing the working power of the existing Space Telescope. It says that
there are in the Universe Supermassive Black Holes without the existence of galaxies. It also says that there are galaxies without the existence of Supermassive Black Holes at their centers. It says that besides the existence of galaxies, there are the existences of solar systems, clusters of galaxies and superclusters in the observable Universe. This research paper says that the first generations of that we know in Biology as living organisms and the Oceans on Earth were come into existence on Earth planet by the energy of Sagittarius A of the Milky Way Galaxy.

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Title: The effect of Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) on lead-induced alterations on RBCs of common carp, Cyprinus carpio

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Abstract: Lead is reported as heavy metal that affects the blood profile of aquatic species. The present study was performed to examine the hematological toxicity ad to investigate whether Vitamin C can protect RBC and WBC count against lead poisoning in Cyprinus carpio (Common Carp). During the present experimental period, all the test groups were exposed to various concentrations of lead nitrate (5, 10, 15 and 20 ppm) 450 mg/l of Vitamin C. During the current research period, RBC count, WBC values were analyzed to access the changes in other allied blood parameters. The fishes reared for the period of 15, 30, 60 and 90 days with well-oxygenated lead nitrate-free water were treated as controls and the blood samples were collected from all the treatments at set durations. Parameters assessed included survival rate, mortality, hematological profile. All fish survived, indicating that common carp are able to cope with these low metal concentrations, at least during a one-week exposure. The sub-lethal concentrations of lead nitrates were recognized to radically change the haematological values in common carp, while it was observed that Ascorbic acid plays an interpretative role to sustain the blood parameters and thereby the health of fish. The outcomes during the current research tenure led to some vital outcomes, which may be indispensable for monitoring the prime health conditions of the fish common carp.

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Title: Resistance Against Inequality: A Feminist Perspective of Shahraz’s Zemindar’s Wife and Malay Host

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Abstract: In Pakistani fiction when we try to apply the feminist approach we realize that female writers reveal the deplorable and pathetic condition of women and their status as second-grade citizens who are systematically discriminated against and looked down upon. They explain through fiction the place of women and their struggling existence against the dominating patriarchal mindset. The study also reveals how do cultural norms treat them as minorities, devoid of basic rights and freedom. The study will focus on the place of women, and their efforts against the cultural norms set by society for centuries. The role of the culture is to let patriarchy oppress women to the utmost level. The present study means reading two short stories from the book, A Pair of Jeans by Shahraz, a diaspora Pakistani writer. The main characters of these stories are women, one story, Malay Host is about facing oppression and androcentrism which appears as rigid and cruel while in the second story, Zemindar‘s Wife a new phase of patriarchy is shown, facing the challenge and threat of being supreme and unable to accept change in the set structure. At the end on the basis of the conclusion drawn from the study, the research reveals that short stories support feminism and produce female characters who react against the subjugation of women as a result of the unbending and inflexible framework of patriarchy.

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