How do I submit my article?

Authors are invited to submit original papers in standard format (that is provided) describing new theoretical and/or experimental research online as well as offline. For online paper submission kindly go through our website and click on SUBMIT PAPER ONLINE link. www.ijesir.org. The link “Submit Paper Online” leads you directly to the submission system. For offline paper submission, you can send mail to submission@ijesir.org.

How much does it cost to publish in an IJESIRNovus journal?

Click on the link http://ijesir.org/article-processing-charges/ for fee details.

Send an email to editor@ijesir.org for further details and updated information. We charge a very less amount of fee keeping in mind the quality of paper as well. There are no fees for article processing and online maintenance fees. Authors have to pay only publication fees.

Which services are provided in single paper publishing charges?

  • Basic charge include publication of one entire Research Paper Online (maximum 5 authors per paper)
  • Softcopy of Certification of paper publishing (author wise individual)
  • Basic formatting, Process for assigning a unique paper identification number, Typesetting,
  • Indexed by Google Scholar and other indexing partners.

How much time to take publish a single research paper?

Once the author submits the paper to IJESIR, the authors got the notification for submission of the paper within 1-2 days. Then after we will proceed with your paper further for review. The review process takes a maximum of 3-5 days for reviewing the research article and plagiarism check. After that, we will notify to authors regarding the paper accepted OR Rejected. If the author got the notification of the paper accepted then the authors have to pay publication fees and submit the required Document. After receiving the submitted document from the authors to us, we will publish the paper within 5-10 days.
The entire process for paper publishing takes approximately 10 to 20 days.

Does IJESIR-Novus provide templates and style files for preparing a journal article?

IJESIR-Novus provide the Paper template for preparing the journal article. Sample paper format is available on our website. Submitted papers need to be in MS Word format with file extension .doc or .docx.
Authors have to consider the following formatting things.

  • Page size: A4 size only
  • Text Column: Single
  • Page Margins: Left – 0.51”, Right – 0.51”, Top – 0.75”, Bottom – 0.75”
  • Font: Use Only Times New Roman for the whole paper
  • Figure caption: Font size- 12”, lower case and Write below the figure, position-center
  • Table Caption: Font- 12”, lower case and Top of the table, position-center
  • Paragraph: Paragraph Indentation by- 0.2”
  • Line Spacing: single, Before: 0” After 0”

Does IJESIR-Novus is a registered journal?

International journal of science and innovative research is a registered organization under Italian registration laws with proper registration number and tax number. Registration with ISSN International is in the process as we applied for the ISSN code and before the first volume publication, ISSN international will assign ISSN code which will be published on every single article. 

What about the IF(Impact Factor) and how much IJESIR-Novus have?

The impact factor or journal impact factor of an academic journal is a scientometric index that reflects the yearly average number of citations that articles published in the last two years in a given journal received. End of the first year the third party will calculate IF and assign IJESIR and we will publish it on our home page. 

What happens after my article has been accepted?

If your article accepted by our editorial committee, you have to pay publication charges and submit the required document by single mail to submission@ijesir.org within one week.

Which document I have to submit to the IJESIRNovus after the paper accepted?

The authors have to submit the below-mentioned documents to pay the publication charges and send all the documents as an attachment in one single mail to submission@ijesir.org

  • Undertaking by Author Form (scanned copy)(Handwritten signed by author)
  • Copy right transfer form (scanned copy) (Handwritten signed by author)
  • Identity Proof of corresponding author only(scanned copy) (Student Card/PAN Card/ Identity card/Driving License)
  • Payment Proof
    • Bank transaction receipt
    • Online payment using Paypal services (with valid credit card/VISA card)transfer receipt required.
  • Final Manuscript/Research paper (must be in DOC file format and file name should be your registration ID)

Note: Please mention your Registration ID in the subject of mail whenever you communicate with us regarding any inquiry related to your research paper publication.

How do I join the IJESIRNovus Editorial Review Board Member?

We would like to invite you to join the board of our managing editors who are actively participating in the selection of papers and appointing editors for peer review as managing editors and we are certain that with so much enthusiasm and support, we can turn our aspirations into reality. We invite you to make a special issue in line with your expertise. If you are interested, please write to editor@ijesir.org. You will receive a follow-up or confirmation email from us within a few days.
We request you to send CV and a Recent Photograph with the mail of consent to editor@ijesir.org as soon as possible. Please note this is your responsibility to motivate your peers and students (at least five articles) for quick publications.
The roles of the editor are Handling peer review of the article and promoting at least 5 articles for each volume.

How I will get the soft copy of the certificate, Confirmation letter, and published paper?

Once your paper will be published, you can directly download the softcopy of the certificate, confirmation letter, and Published paper from AUTHOR HOME. You can also send an email to editor@ijesir.org for further communication.

How many authors will be included in single paper publishing?

Our basic publication fee includes 5 authors per single research paper. and if authors want to add more than 5 authors in a single paper then, the author has to pay additional charges per additional author. 

What about the indexing partners?

IJESIR is in the process to link the major indexing partners as with few of them we are already affiliated and still the process is going on. Once the article is published, it will be shared with all the indexing partners so that it can be made easily accessible to the general audience.

How do I contact IJESIR-Novus? Authors can communicate any time through this email – editor@ijesir.org
If the author has a paper registration ID then kindly mention it in the subject field of the mail.

support will be available from Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM to 11:59 PM