Volume 01, Issue 01, 2020


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Title: Knowledge of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Dynamics among Family Caregivers

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Abstract Pakistan being an underdeveloped country encounters with a high burden of Pulmonary Tuberculosis (TB). The high incidence of TB is due to various reasons, such as knowledge deficit regarding the disease, non-compliance with TB treatment, low socioeconomic status of the patients’ family, society’s negative concept about TB, late diagnosis of the disease, extended treatment, and poor quality of available TB programs. This study assessed the level of knowledge regarding pulmonary TB among family caregivers at Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases (OICD), Karachi, Pakistan

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Title: Identification of Colorectal Cancer and its effect on human body-a survey

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Abstract Bowel cancer is common in people over the age of 50 but some people also develop bowel cancer during the early ages. We divided the task in three stages Samples collection, Testing and identification. At the time sample collection we collected DNA from younger peoples and compared the same with fifteen different types of genes. After collection we tested these samples with different theories to observe the changes from gene to gene and to observe the risk of bowl cancer. Finally, after different experiments, we found that all types of cancer are related to the gene changes but, a change in a cancer cell could be the risk of bowel cancer. We also observed that these experiments and results might also help in the early detection and prevention of cancer, which in turn will help in saving lives.

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Title: Evaluation of   the nutritional quality of Kuli-kuli (Peanut cake) produced from Melon seeds and Groundnut

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Abstract In the bid to enhance human health and secure food safety as well as public health enlightenment to food, there is the need to evaluate the Nutritional quality of Kuli-kuli from melon seeds. Kuli-kuli which is majorly produced from groundnut is one of the major snacks consumed by most Nigerians especially in the North. The use of melon seeds in the production of Kuli-kuli is not known. Therefore, this research work was carried out to produce and evaluate the nutrient of Kuli-kuli produced from Melon seeds. Sensory
evaluation showed that the Kuli-kuli produced from melon seeds varied in appearance, aroma, texture, taste, and acceptability

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Title: An Advanced Practice for Congestion Control, Routing and Security Issues in Multi-Protocol Label Switching (Mpls)

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Abstract In recent decades, IP networks have been subjected to different types of Internet applications with different quality of service (QoS) requirements. Traffic engineering enables routed traffic to be altered from standard to alternative routes to improve network reliability and avoid network congestions. However the best effort characteristic of IP makes it inadequate to support traffic engineering and QoS. To support QoS over IP networks, traffic engineering (TE) has introduced Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS). Network traffic delays are often the result of congestions. Internet service providers (ISP) have to minimize congestions because it causes packet delays and consume network resources resulting in low QoS. In MPLS network edge router has complete routing information in its control plane which is obtained through reliable links, bandwidth, efficient path etc. In this paper, we propose a robust framework for MPLS-based network survivability against congestion that occurs in LSPs and redundancy in case of any link failure by making the MPLS control plane routing information stored in a static agent. The static agent selects best paths from OSPF routing table and divide the traffic as defined by traffic engineering formula. In case, any path is down during data transmission, agent will shift the traffic over next best available path. This proposed schema covers not only Congestion Avoidance & Congestion detection but also provides reliability of data transmission over LSPs.

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Title: Orthography Harmonisation of Tekela Languages

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Abstract This paper aims to explore procedures to be taken to harmonise languages’ orthography without destroying or threatening the identity of the languages involved, that is, Siphuthi and siSwati. It also determines the principle to follow for the invention of the new graphemes of the harmonised orthographies.Inter-governmentalism theory andZipf’s Principle of Least Effort framed this paper. The findings of this paper reveal that it is possible to harmonise the orthography of mutually intelligible languages; therefore, it is possible to harmonise the orthography of Tekela languages. The results also suggesttwo steps in unification of orthography harmonisation. The first procedure is the evaluation of the linguistic features such as phonological and morphological features. The last step is the consideration of the economy of speech soundto avoid the imbalance or dominance in orthographic invention.

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Title: Analysis of RSSI based Location Estimation in Wireless Sensor Network

Year:2020  Abstract       [Download]                 Full Paper       [Download]         Page: 55-67

Abstract Several studies and research have been conducted on Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) for locating nodes of the sensors. Much additional hardware is required for the installation of an unknown place of a sensor node. In WSNs (Wireless Sensor Networks) area the best service is location information. Comparison with some other non-interactive algorithms of localization, a centroid localization technique uses only RSSI (received signal strength indication), which creates it normal to apply with forcefully changing in propagation atmosphere. We described weight-compensated on RSSI algorithm that is centroid localization depends over RSSI intended to out-side atmosphere. Reproduction product explains that advanced algorithm which is superior to Anchor optimized Modified Weighted Centroid Localization (AMWCL-RSSI) worked over Weighted Centroid Localization WCL with RSSI in forms of localization precision. The true experimental out-come obtained by us also explains Weight-Compensated Weighted Centroid Localization (WCWCL-RSSI) depends over RSSI that is best to WCL name as localization precision. WSNs (Wireless sensor networks) have planned for large amount of relevant position of applications. For stamp-composed data with ease communication of different protocols, this is essential to classify the position of every node of a sensor Continue….

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