Volume 04, Issue 1, 2023

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Title: Promotion of Women: A Feminist Reinterpretation of Shahraz’s Perchanwan

Year: 2023 Abstract Full Paper [Downlad] Page:4-11

Abstract: In this research, I tried to find out the theoretical perspective of feminism which is the promotion of women in Shahraz’s selected short story with the help of De Beauvoir’s framework and to explore gender representation within the context of Pakistani social structure. The basic focus is an effort to analyze whether the story’s protagonists resist the existing social order and prove their existence as educated, potent, independent and competent persons. Therefore this paper basically focuses on the female character’s depiction that how they take bold steps in androcentric structural norms which are strongly rooted in the social setup and redefine their positions as educated, upgraded and enlightened ones. The material of the research for this paper is taken from short fiction and the selected story is not only helpful to explore the reflection of life but also explores the issues which have social and cultural relevance in which women’s promotion is the most important. In light of the conclusion drawn it is safe to assert that Shahraz’s selected short story is feminist and her protagonists are not stereotypical traditional women.

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