Volume 03, Issue 03, 2022

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Title: A study on the nutritional value changes of Channa striatus fish with different seasons from Upper Lake Bhopal, MP

Year: 2022 Abstract Full Paper [Download] Page:1-12

Abstract: This study was conducted to determine the nutritional value of Channa striatus and its changes over different seasons to provide up-to-date data on its essential nutritional constituents and to estimate their energy value to plan the most suitable industrial and commercial dispensation in different seasons. In this work, seasonal variations in essential nutritional constituents (total carbohydrate, protein and lipid content) of Channa striatus with respect to three seasons i.e., winter, pre-monsoon and post monsoon from Upper Lake Bhopal district, of Madhya Pradesh were evaluated. The impact on the nutritional constituents like carbohydrate, protein and lipids was clearly observed with the change in season and water quality parameters. Total carbohydrate, protein and lipid were estimated by phenol-sulphuric acid method, Follin’s-Lowry method and Folch et al. method, respectively. The nutritional analysis showed that the nutritional value of Channa striatus in the winter sample (January to February) was maximum as compared to the post monsoon (October to November) to and pre monsoon (June to July) sample. Results suggest that the Channa striatus fish species of Upper Lake Bhopal in the winter possess best nutritive value compared the pre monsoon and post monsoon and that the consumption of fish in the winter must be increased to obtain maximum nutritional benefits.

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