Volume 02, Issue 06, 2021

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Title: Bridging the Gap: Privileged vs. Underprivileged in Suzan-Lori Parks’ In the Blood

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Abstract: The objective of this article is to assess the different marginalized groups in society and demonstrate how they still negotiate with their oppressors so as to create their own identities. The power struggle is an important concern that exists in all societies today. In Parks’In the Blood, the different types of power relations that exist are at the level of race, class and gender which cause separation in the society. The issues of race, gender and class are fundamental in this play. This study problematizes three main concerns of contemporary drama― race, class and gender which are controversial to the American society and center on social inequality, oppression and downgrading. The thrust of the paper is to demonstrate how the underprivileged groups are treated in mainstream society and to evaluate how they still quest for self-hood in such states. In spite of the evolutionary trends of the “Black Lives Matter” and the spill-out that “All Lives Matter”, equality, justice and peace are far-fetching in American society. The new historicist approach suits this context since it discusses power relations in the different groups in the society as encapsulated in Parks’In the Blood. Tyson articulates: “The vehicle by which power circulates is a never-ending proliferation of exchange” (1). Power flows at diverse levels. Characters that are relegated by the privileged in Parks’play preoccupy themselves with constructing their own identities of race, class and gender, and make their voices clearly heard.

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Title: An anthropogenic activity: The Construction of Sardar Sarovar Dam becomes threatening for the Aqua Fauna (fish species) Diversity and also Responsible for the Alternation in the IUCN status of Barwani District Madhya Pradesh

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Abstract: Our present study reveals that the anthropogenic activity like construction of the dam, overfishing, induction of exotic species etc. our concern is only due to the construction of the Sardar Sarovar Dam this construction is made on the river Narmada. The present work is based upon the different seven sites of the river’s western zone of the river Narmada. These sites are S1, S2, S3,…..S7 likewise Site-1 (Khalghat), Site-2 (Rajghat), Site-3 (Chikalda), Site-4 (Bhilkheda), Site-5 (Pichodi), Site-6 (Bijasan), Site-7 ( Morkatta) in these sites the researcher found so many things like the species abundance, its species richness, then but the find very less number of aquatic fauna most of the sites researcher found the many aquatic species was getting threatening due to the construction of this dam led to many problems arise which is totally unethical. Here researcher’s study reveals the diversity of aquatic fauna and his study also reveals the various management strategies to cope up with these arising issues. Simply, said that it creates so many problems in the future for our society.

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Title: Observation on Medical Waste Management System in Rajshahi Medical College Hospital, Bangladesh

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Abstract: The management of clinical waste is of great importance due to its infectious and hazardous nature that can cause risks to the environment and public health. The study was conducted to evaluate medical waste management practices and to determine the amount of waste generated at Rajshahi Medical College Hospital (RMCH) in Bangladesh. A survey was driven to collect information about the practices related to waste segregation, collection procedures, and type of temporary storage containers, on-site transport and primary dumping point, treatment of wastes, off-site transport and final disposal options. This study shows that almost half of the waste was similar to general waste and 35% of the waste is considered to be recycling waste & 23% was a pathological waste. The survey result shows that segregation of all wastes is not conducted according to consistent rules and standards where some quantity of medical waste is disposed of with domestic wastes. The most frequently used treatment method for solid medical waste is incineration which is not done regularly at RMCH and the position of the incinerator is not acceptable. Clinical wastes pose a significant impact on health and the environment.  From this study, it can be said that there is an urgent need for raising awareness and education on medical waste issues. For further study, it is needed to collect more information on impacts, disposal and management to draw a clear conclusion. Need to collect information and examples from a developed country or the country which has sound medical waste management system. A questionnaire and data collection procedure were developed and presented in this article for further study.

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Title: Matter and Manner: An Analysis of Nol Alembongs The Passing Wind

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Abstract: This paper sets out to examine the role of anglophone Cameroonian writers who have had a persistent tendency for political and social commitment and change, in connection to the socio-political events of their society. Initially, Anglophone Cameroon writing was an instrument for celebrating the heroic magnificence of Western figures; later it was used for anti-colonial fight back. Presently, it is being used as an authentic weapon for depicting the postcolonial disillusioned state of the nation and other burning issues. In this paper, an effort is made to examine the way “manner” is used to bring out the blazing “matter[s]” in Cameroon, Africa and the world. In an attempt to examine NolAlembong’sview, selected poems from his collection titled, The Passing Wind, have been used to bring out tangible issues that have plagued Africa as a whole and Anglophone Cameroon in particular. This article adopts Socio-Artistic Criticism and Marxism as their theoretical perspectives. This theoretical position is important as it focuses not only on the background from which the poems were written, but also pays close attention to the use of literary and linguistic tools in communicating meaning.

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Title: Assessment of Defects in Rigid Pavements

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Abstract: In this project, Pavement failure is defined in terms of decreasing serviceability caused by the development of cracks and ruts. Before going into the maintenance strategies, we must look into the causes of the failure of rigid pavements. Failures of rigid pavements are caused due to many reasons or a combination of reasons. Application of correction in the existing surface will enhance the life of maintenance works as well as that of the strengthening layer. It has been seen that only three parameters i.e. unevenness index, pavement cracking and rutting are considered while other distresses have been omitted while going for maintenance operations. Along with the maintenance techniques, there are various methods for pavement preservation that will help in enhancing the life of the pavement and delaying its failure. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the possible causes of pavement distresses and to recommend remedies to minimize the distress of the pavement.
The project describes lessons learned from pavement failures and problems experienced during the last few years on a number of projects in India. Based on past experiences various pavement preservation techniques and measures are also discussed which will be helpful in increasing the serviceable life of the pavement.

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Title: Creativity is key in toy-making families at Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh

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Title: Analytical Method Development and Validation of RP-HPLC Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Pyridoxamine Dihydrochloride and Acetylcysteine In Tablet Dosage Form

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Title: Roman Urdu Sentiment Analysis using Hybrid Feature Framework with Machine Learning Algorithms

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Abstract: Roman Urdu (RU) and Asia having strong connections in Asia. The Roman Urdu script is the most commonly used script in communication. The frequent use of Roman Urdu in Social media, E-Commerce, and general communication have a great impact on daily communication. The script of Roman Urdu is considered as unstructured, non-standard, and resource-less language that’s why we have to face many challenges in order to track the sentiment analysis in the RU. Our proposed method resolves these issues by structuring the roman Urdu script and helps the user to find the sentiment in an efficient and effective way. Our crus research is the combination of handicraft features and TFIDF features with unigram, bigram, uni-bigram and uses the PCA and through the machine learning algorithms we reach our goal and the proposed model shows the Decision Tree and Random forest with 99% accuracy which is best one from nine machine learning algorithms.

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Title: Comparative Study of Roman-Urdu sentiment Analysis with effective use of evaluation measures for the validation of best Machine Learning Algorithms

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