Volume 02, Issue 09, 2021

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Title: A shift toward online learning as an alternative to normal classroom teaching: The impact of Online lesson during school closure: A Teachers’ perspective

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Abstract: This study is primarily intended to explore teachers’ perceptions of technology-based online education to evaluate its effectiveness during the difficult situation of school lockdown from COVID 19. The online survey questionnaire through Google sheet was shared with teacher participants teaching students starting from Pre- Primary to grade eight children of the researcher’s school. Participants’ responses and views regarding online teaching experiences were recorded. The data collected from teacher participants were further authenticated and supplemented with brief unstructured interview sessions with a few of the parents whose children were studying in the same school. Responses from parent participants revealed that their guidance and continuous support were needed in addition to the teachers’ effort to sustain and bring positive learning impact to children through online teaching. The majority of the interviews revealed that students of every grade preferred the normal contact teaching-learning over home-based learning. Though the preference of online learning had some reservations from both ends of parents and students, the need to substitute and continue learning progress was no option until the situation from the pandemic is regained to peace and harmony. This study is considered significant in gaining extra attention from educators and a higher level of education policymakers on how to plan and implement online teaching-learning effectively during such crises and more importantly to this era of highly advancing technologically driven world.

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