Volume 03, Issue 05, 2022

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Title: Principals’ Leadership towards Teachers’ Motivation: A study of its impact on students learning outcomes of Bartsham Central School under Trashigang District

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Abstract: This study examined how different leadership qualities of the principals in school motivate teachers and how this motivation towards teachers impacts our students’ learning outcomes. The principals’ leadership styles determine the teacher’s motivation and affect the student’s academic learning. Therefore principals, as the head of the school, it’s the role of the principal to motivate teachers in their working field. The principal can encourage teachers through; individual teacher factors and school-level factors, which inspire teachers to show a higher impact on the academic learning outcome of the students. The most effective approaches for principals to stimulate teachers are to upkeep teachers in all school activities. This paper collected the data using questionnaires and unstructured survey questionnaires, which gathered data from 36 teachers, 14 support staff of Bartsham Central School and 66 data samples from the student’s parents of Bartsham under Trashigang district, eastern Bhutan. Thus, in this paper, the findings have revealed that a conducive working environment and favorable working conditions motivated teachers and positively impacted students’ learning outcomes and higher performance in every school area. This study also suggests that principals as heads of schools should maintain a conducive learning environment, bolster teachers’ capability, and appreciate and reward those teachers who work beyond the allocated times in school.

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