Volume 02, Issue 03, 2021


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Title: Effect of use of mobile phones on the mental health of secondary school students

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Abstract Mobile phones are an extremely valuable instrument in every aspect of science, business, training, culture and legislative issues but the excessive and misuse of mobile phones can cause addiction and other mental health problems. The purpose of the current study is to explore the effect of cell phone use on mental health issues among middle school students.  A cross-sectional and correlation research design was used in the current study to test the study hypothesis. Participants of the study are 214 (50%) girls and (50%) boys’ secondary school students’ with an age range of 12-20 years. The sample was collected through random sampling techniques from different schools of Peshawar. Problematic mobile phone use questionnaires (PMPUQ-SV) were administered to measure investigation variables. Results revealed that usage of mobile phones has been a significant positive predictor of mental health problems among secondary school students. The results further revealed that female students scored significantly higher on mental health problems as compared to males. While statistically there was no significant relationship found among genders and mobile phone usage. The current paper reveals that the usage of mobile phones can cause more psychological problems in females as compared to males. Experimental analysis based on the dataset indicates a very encouraging and improved performance.

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Title: T-cell-mediated immune response in women with recurrent miscarriage

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Abstract Recent findings on the mechanisms of the molecules and cells underlying recurrent miscarriage have shown that immune cells play an important role in the semi-allogeneic of the embryo. Moreover, the tolerance of the maternal immune system is clearly determined by the types of immune cells. Experimental data have shown that the suppressive function of regulatory T cells (Tregs), through the production of IL-10 and TGF-beta, appears to protect against embryo implantation rejection. On the other side, T-helper (Th 1) cells act against trophoblast development by activating of decidual macrophage and conduct apoptosis of trophoblast cells, all of which is detrimental to pregnancy. Therefore, the paradoxical roles of the different types of immune cells during implantation and conception are investigated.

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Title: Teacher’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Literacy, Administration’s Technological Support, and Teacher’s Competence

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Abstract This descriptive study determined how the teacher’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) literacy and the University administration’s technological support contribute to improving teacher’s competence in the delivery of instruction. A correlational design utilizing a researcher-made survey questionnaire was employed. involving 102 teacher-respondents selected using the simple random technique. Results revealed that there is a significant relationship between the teachers’ level of ICT literacy, technological support, and their level of competence. This study then recommends that teachers must align their potentials for the significant and positive use of ICT, maximize the utilization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and consider the creation of a program to maximize the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at school.

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